Original projects involving artistic collaboration with various individual artists, companies, and organizations

Giant Wild Salmon Puppet for The Wild Salmon Caravan 

in collaboration with Still Moon Arts Society

Maggie Winston and Carmen Rosen (Artistic Director of Still Moon Arts Society) created this giant wild salmon puppet for parades in the Wild Salmon Caravan Oct. 7-12, 2017. It performed in Vancouver, Chilliwack, Meritt, Kamloops, and Chase, BC, raising awareness of wild salmon and native food security.

Captain Creative Saves the Day!

A collaboration between Instruments of Change and Lost & Found Puppet Co.
Created by Maggie Winston and Laura Barron
Directed by Chris Ross
Captain Creative, is an arts advocacy fairy tale that uses puppetry, music, dance and print making to demonstrate the value of art in our society.
In this interactive performance, puppet theatre artist, Maggie Winston, and musician/writer, Laura Barron invite students to re-animate the theatrical world of Hueville, after it has experienced an Art Apocolypse. Captain Creative tours throughout BC schools, and the 45-minute production is appropriate for ages 8-13.



L&FPCo. incorporates clown into most live puppet shows. Maggie Winston is an experienced clown and collaborates with others in the greater clowning community.

196111_503339307117_2979_n The “Pocket Lady” is a roving character wearing a dress with over 100 pockets. Pick a pocket, get a gift and story.


Maggie received her clown training from David MacMurray-Smith at Fantastic Space Enterprises (2009)


“It’s a Joke- Comedy Night” at Heart of The City Festival (2016)

IMG_1949delilah IMG_1946delilah

“Dirty Laundry” at The Ukrainian Hall (2015)


James & the Giant Peach

Produced by Chemainus Theatre Festival (Summer Kidzplay 2015)
Dramatized by Richard R. George (based on the book by Roald Dahl)
Directed by Tamara McCarthy
Puppet Design/Creation by Maggie Winston
Puppet Builders: Maggie Winston, Randi Edmunson, Georgia Bennett, Saraphina Shoostarian
Matthew MacDonald Bain
Curtis Tweetie
Randi Edmundson
Laura Jaye
Maggie Winston
                         photo credit: Cim MacDonald- Chemainus Theatre Festival


Health Choices Think Where for Care Video

Project Coordinator: Beth Beeching (Richmond Division of Family Practice)
Video direction and animation by Brian Lye
Puppets, manipulation, and voice by Maggie Winston
Cantonese and Mandarin translation and voice by Katherine To
Punjabi translation and voice by Jasmine Chehil
Created in partnership with A GP for Me Program, designed as a health literacy campaign about how to visit your family doctor.

 The Shiny Kids Family Festival (2012)

May 5, 2012 11:00am-4:30pm
Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre

The Shiny Kids Family Festival is a one-day event taking place on May 5, 2012 at the Moberly Community Arts Centre. The festival will feature a stage show, puppets, music and dance. There is an interactive Eco-Maze, a costume parade, face painting and storytelling. The Festival is a collaboration of The Shiny Collective (local award winning children’s entertainers; Gogo Bonkers, The Lost & Found Puppet Company, The Ta-Daa Lady ) in partnership with the Moberly Arts &Cultural  Centre. The Shiny Kids Family Festival live stage performances feature participation songs, costumed characters, dancing and puppets that tell a very important story about the ocean, environment, community and helping each other. Children and Parents will be welcomed into this magical world surrounded by fantastical characters to learn about the importance of protecting the ocean, how garbage affects everyone, how rewarding it is to eat healthy and locally and how planting seeds will provide what we need to better our lives.

In the House Festival (Vancouver)
293792_10152222375745478_657562963_n 385020_10150438620995971_620865970_11053145_1893053648_n


 “The House of Foresaken Gods” (2013) (photo left)
“The House of Faeirie Bad Things” (2012) (photo right)



Brief Encounters

Brief Encounters 2 Brief Encounters 4

By the Tomorrow Collective
A Collaborative performance with Maggie Winston (Puppeteer) and Julia Carr (contemporary dancer) 
Wednesday, August 31 – Friday, September 2, 8pm
Performance Works, 1218 Cartwright Street, Granville Island
Brief EncountersBrief Encounters is a multidisciplinary performance experiment designed to fuse disciplines and push artistic boundaries.Brief Encounters is about the mixing of mediums and the crossing of artistic cultures. The collective created this event out of an interest in cross-pollination between art forms, audience education and the excitement of creation under-the-gun. The result is the creation and performance of cutting-edge collaborative work between artists who had likely not previously met, let alone worked together. The pieces that emerge from the Brief Encounters pairings fuse, cross over, interrupt and co-create new perspectives on artistic forms and the relationships between them.


Giant Puppets

for Purim Celebrations at Beth Israel Congregation (Vancouver 2012)
#4 BI Purim 2012 #6 BI Purim 2012



 Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret (Vancouver)

Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret is an artist collective of professional and emerging artists based in East Vancouver.  We create, perform and engage our community in home spun tales within elaborate worlds of found-object, bygone aesthetic, hosting journeys of re-discovery of old treasures and stories well known to our hearts.  Our crew are many — storytellers, dancers, producers, multi-media artists, puppeteers, musicians, painters and makers of all kinds — and our extended community is enormous.  We welcome you as a part of it, and thank you for keeping alive the places where magic still exists.

190262_10150431089335471_876145470_17478490_7466441_n          09 Hard Times 2012
 “Hard Times Hit Parade”- life sized puppets (2011) (top 2 photos)
“The Listening Jar”- Giant Junk Monster (2010) (bottom photo)


Created by Critical Mask Theatre and Magnet Theatre 
Director- Laen Hershler
Shadow design- Maggie Winston
Performed and created by teenage actors from the townships of Cape Town, South Africa (2010)
subliminal 010subliminal 152


Created by Sogo Visual Theatre
Director and Creator- Janni Younge
Assistant puppet builder and backstage performer – Maggie Winston
Performed as a Mainstage Production at the National Theatre Festival in Grahamstown, South Africa (2010)


Ouroboros is a tale of dreaming and the cycles of life, created with evocative imagery. At its heart, it is a love story between a dancer and a poet finding the courage to commit. Using the uniquely transforming powers of the puppetry medium, these two characters are able to appear as several versions of themselves. Audiences witness the unfolding drama of their lives from birth to death. Their interactions form a web of relationships, revealing the interdependence of the past, present and future.

Giant Puppets

created for FIFA World Cup Celebrations, Cape Town, South Africa (2010)

Maggie Winston- Costume designer

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